Kitchen Locations

Akshaya Patra runs 34  kitchens across 12 states in India. Overall the organisation provides the mid-day meal to over 1.6 million children across 13,839 Government and Government-aided schools every day. Of these 34 kitchens, 32 are centralised and 2 are decentralised kitchens. Find out more about the Akshaya Patra kitchens

Andhra Pradesh: Akshaya Patra opened a centralised kitchen in Visakhapatnam in October 2008. Currently the kitchen caters to 21,850 children across 91 Government schools every day. In December 2015 the kakinada kitchen was opened and now feeds 11,491 children in 27 schools.The centralised kitchen in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh established in July, 2017 feeds 25,000 children in 80 schools. Find out more about the Andhra Pradesh kitchen here.

Assam: The centralised kitchen at Guwahati was opened in February 2010. The kitchen reaches out to 47,249 children across 607 Government schools on every working day. Read more about the Assam kitchen here.

Chhattisgarh: In January 2009 Akshaya Patra opened a centralised kitchen in Chhattisgarh at Bhilai. The kitchen currently feeds 29,835 children in 192 Government schools every day. Find out more about the kitchen in Chhattisgarh here.

Gujarat: Akshaya Patra runs four centralised kitchens in Gujarat. In November 2009 the Vadodara kitchen was opened, which today feeds 1,07,838 children in 616 schools. In June 2012 the Surat kitchen was opened which now feeds 1,43,293 children in 337 schools. In July 2014 the Ahmedabad kitchen was opened feeding 1,15,578 children in 522 Government schools. Finally in June 2017 the Bhavnagar kitchen was opened feeding 25,546 children in 56 Government schools. Overall the four Gujarat kitchens feed 3,94,709 children across 1,532 schools in the state. Read more about the Gujarat kitchens here.

Karnataka: Karnataka was the birthplace of The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Today the organisation has opened six centralised kitchens in the state. In June 2000 the Bangalore HK Hill kitchen was opened and feeds 96,635 children in 635 schools. In July 2004 the Hubli kitchen was opened and now feeds 1,36,111 children in 807 schools. In August 2004 the Mysore kitchen opened and feeds 23,450 children in 164 schools. In December 2004 the Mangalore kitchen opened and now feeds 17,024 in 139 schools. The Bellary kitchen was opened in July 2006 and feeds 1,11,333 children in 577 schools, and finally in July 2007 the Vasanthapura kitchen in Bangalore was opened feeding 1,01,619 children in 646 schools. On November 23, 2017, The Akshaya Patra Foundation inaugurated its 34th kitchen in Jigani, Bengaluru with the support of Bosch India. The kitchen is feeding 25,000 children in 159 schools. Overall the organisation feeds 4,86,172 children in 2,968 schools across Karnataka. Read about the Karnataka kitchens here.

Odisha: There are three centralised kitchens in Odisha, and one decentralised. In June 2006 the centralised kitchen in Puri was opened, that today feeds 49,078 children across 661 schools. In March 2007 the decentralised kitchen at Nayagarh opened feeding 23,976 children in 342 schools. In November 2013 the centralised kitchen at Rourkela opened feeding 48,999 children in 420 schools, and most recently in June 2014 the centralised Bhubaneshwar kitchen opened feeding 58,087 children in 417 schools. Overall there are 1,80,140 Akshaya Patra beneficiaries in 1,840 schools across Odisha. Read more about the Odisha kitchens here.

Rajasthan: There are four kitchens in Rajasthan. In February 2004 a centralised kitchen was opened in Jaipur. This kitchen feeds 1,02,352 children in 1,624 schools. In April 2005 a decentralised kitchen was opened in Baran feeding 11,020 children in 155 schools. In June 2006 a centralised kitchen was opened in Nathdwara feeding 28,009 children in 561 schools.  In August 2013 the Jodhpur centralised kitchen was opened feeding 13,109 children in 140 schools.The centralised kitchen in Ajmer, Rajasthan established in August, 2016 feeds 16,233 children in 192 schools. Overall there are 1,70,723 children in 2,672 schools benefitting from the programme in Rajasthan on every school day. Find out more about the Rajasthan kitchens here.

Tamil Nadu: Akshaya Patra feeds 731 children in one school in Chennai from the centralised kitchen set up in the region. Know more here.

Telangana: In October 2008 Akshaya Patra opened its centralised kitchen in Hyderabad in Telangana. The kitchen today feeds 62,020 children in 463 Government schools in the region every day.The kitchen in Narsingi has started its operation on August 2017. This kitchen provides nutritious school lunch every day, to over 7,400 children in 98 schools. Find out more about the Telangana kitchen here.

Uttar Pradesh: In August 2004 Akshaya Patra opened the centralised kitchen at Vrindavan. Today the kitchen feeds 2,11,680 children in 2,010 Government every day. Find out more about the Uttar Pradesh kitchen here.

Maharashtra:The kitchen in Nagpur started on August 2016 and in Thane on August 2017. These two kitchens are feeding 5,728 children in 48 schools and 5,866 children in 26 schools respectively.

Tripura : The first kitchen in the state was inaugurated in Kashiram Para, Kanchanpur Sub-division, Tripura on March 29, 2017. The kitchen feeds 800 children in 2 schools.